Product Highlight: Relay Outbound

Relay Outbound is an automated, web-based solution that allows agencies to send personalized and timely notifications to their citizens. Agency staff can create, manage and monitor communication campaigns from anywhere, sending personalized voice, text, and email communications to large groups of customers more efficiently than ever.

Relay Outbound Highlight

  • Automated Outbound communication system that agencies use to send customizable, customer-specific messaging to their contacts via phone, email and/or SMS/text
  • Useful for a range of agencies including utilities, building and planning departments, court systems, and any other agencies that need to send customized messaging to a large audience
  • Comes with pre-built message templates for common uses, as well as the ability to create customized messages to be used in specific cases

When customers implement Relay Outbound, they choose from a range of pre-built message templates based on their agency’s specific needs. For example, building and planning agencies often use an expiring permit notification to alert citizens who have permits that will be expiring soon. Similarly, utility agencies may use an impending shutoff notification to alert citizens that their service may soon be discontinued. In either case, Relay Outbound integrates with the agency’s system of record to automatically create a list of recipients, and populate each message with recipient-specific data, ensuring each customer gets a message tailored with their specific permit or account information.

Users can also craft their own custom messages, upload a list of contacts, and specify a delivery method, and Relay Outbound will deliver the message to each recipient either via text, email or over the phone using text-to-speech.

Relay Outbound is administered using the web-based Relay Portal. This means users can access the solution from any internet-enabled device, allowing them to coordinate messaging campaigns from anywhere, regardless of whether physical offices are available. The Relay Portal supports customizable permissions, allowing administrators the flexibility to determine what kinds of functions are available to each user based on their role or needs.

Agencies increasingly need ways to reach their citizens with timely, proactive communications. Relay Outbound helps agencies meet their customers where they are, efficiently reaching citizens on their preferred devices with personalized alerts, using an automated system that doesn’t over-burden staff.

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