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Atlas is a fully integrated workforce efficiency platform that delivers a streamlined and efficiency-boosting experience to both inspectors in the field and administrators in the office. With a single, easy to use platform, governments can organize, manage, and perform permitting duties.

Atlas offers immediate, valuable benefits for permitting agencies. Improved access to inspection data, facilitation of route management, increased accuracy through tracking tools, and customization to unique workflows are just a few benefits of Atlas. 

Atlas Insight is a web-based field workforce management tool that brings all of your Atlas applications into a single view. Automating routine scheduling tasks, monitoring locations, and quickly responding to emergency requests has never been easier.

Easily manage inspector workloads
Automated assignment oversight
Simple drag-and-drop re-assignments
Peer review of work through reporting tools
Rules based user permissions
Real-time location data for safety and efficiency

Manage tasks through comprehensive worklists

Increase accuracy with detailed inspection and permit information

Adhere to business rules through tailored checklists

Maximize efficiency by printing and emailing notices in the field

Result inspections wirelessly as work is completed

Communicate locations for peace of mind 

Make intelligent decisions by viewing current locations in Atlas Insight

Customized tracking to fit business needs 

Enforce safety and good practices with location monitoring

Track activities, pauses, locations, and more through Atlas Insight

All apps available on iOS, Android and Windows​
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